Art Hoe! Apparel Packages – Feb 8th

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Order Packages and Deals 

To ensure we have your size on the 8th it is highly recommended you purchase one of our VIP packages ahead of time. I want to make sure we avoid any disappointment with the release of the new apparel line and that you get your hands on some dope merch!

Premium Ounce 

A premium ounce package for a premium supporter! You’ll be a certified Art Hoe decked out in this gear.  

The Package Includes: 

  1. Art Hoe Embroidered Crew neck (Choice of white or black) (sm-2xl) 
  2. Limited Run T-Shirt or Art Hoe Crop Top (Black) (small- 2xl)
  3. Embroidered Toque (Choice of pink, black, or white) (OS) 
  4. VIP Gallery Admission February 8th 
  5. Secret Admirer Gift 

Total- $140 

Half Ounce 

Get yourself some of that traditional purple stuff and slip into some nice dreams. 

This Package Includes: 

  1. Limited Run T-Shirt (Black) (sm-2xl)
  2. VIP Gallery Admission- February 8th 
  3. Embroidered Toque (Choice of Black,White or Pink)
  4. Secret Admirer Gift

Total: $80

Quarter Ounce Premium 

Getting ready to chop some salad later. 

This Package Includes

  1. Embroidered Toque (Choice of Black, White or Pink) 
  2. VIP Admission- February 8th
  3. Secret Admirer Gift

Total: $40

Dime bag 

  1. Regular Admission 
  2. Secret Admirer Gift 

Total: $10

$ 0.00
ATTENTION** If you cannot attend but would like to secure a package, email to arrange a date for a future pick-up(Local only).
$ 0.00